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Our Expertise


    Stress is a set of physiological reactions that prepares the body for action in response to a physical and/or emotional challenge. 


    Anxiety is a feeling of fear, dread, nervousness, worry, concern about what is about to happen or may happen. It is a natural reaction, an alarm system that is activated when we perceive a danger or threat.


    Depression is a prevalent illness worldwide. According to the World Health Organization, it is estimated that it affects more than 300 million people. 

    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

    Obsessive compulsive disorder is an anxiety disorder characterized by obsessions and compulsions. In obsessions the person experiences recurring and persistent mental unwanted thoughts, impulses or images that are considered as intrusive and inappropriate, causing a lot of discomfort or stress so it is about ignoring them or making them disappear. 


    Specific phobias are common anxiety disorders where the person who suffers from it avoids specific situations and objects that cause fear and anxiety, or they endure them with great anguish, recognizing that their anxiety is excessive and that they have a problem.

    Eating Disorders and Obesity

    We provide psychiatric advice and support for the most common eating disorders and obesity.

    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

    Some people develop post-traumatic stress disorder after experiencing or seeing a traumatic event that may have endangered their life or that of another person. Sometimes the event is not necessarily dangerous, but the person experiences it as such. 

    Autism Spectrum Disorder

    There are different levels depending on the help they need. We have to specify if there is also an intellectual deficit or speech damage. 

    Deficit Attentional Disorder Plus Hyperactivity

    It is a persistent pattern of inattention and/or Hyperactivity-impulsivity that interferes with functioning in the everyday life or the development of a child.

    We are an international team of mental health qualified professionals in different disciplines and in continuous training. It is born from the commitment to want to solve problems at the level of health and physical, mental and social well-being.

    From a global vision of the human being, we act on the cause of the problem and not on the symptom. We take into account both the predisposing and precipitating factors, as well as the consequences of all this.

    We design a comprehensive personalized mind-body treatment, both with classic techniques and therapies as well as the most innovative ones, all scientifically endorsed. In this way, we seek the most effective and efficient therapy possible in each case. The objective is to understand and manage emotions, thoughts and behaviors, to improve the satisfaction and quality of life of our clients.


    The microbiota is made up of more than 100,000 trillion microorganisms that live in the intestinal tract. There must be a balance in the number and diversity of these microorganisms, but there are external factors that can cause an alteration or dysbiosis.

    This microbiota is connected to the brain through the vagus nerve. And when the microbiota is not in balance, this situation reaches our brain, and influences our mood and behavior.

    From In-Mentis Integral Psychology, we analyze the state of your microbiota, to improve it and regulate the action of neurotransmitters through food and nutritional supplements prescribed by the team’s doctor.

    Techniques and Therapy

    Starting from the wide range of psychological services that we offer, we design a specific intervention program, taking into account the characteristics and needs of each case.

    Who We Help

    Our goal is to create a safe and trustworthy environment adopting the intervention format to the characteristics of the person with whom we work and their circumstances.

    How We Work

    Our Team


    Stress Workshop

    Stress Workshop

    Goal This workshop provides education about what stress is, what keeps it going, and how, if left unaddressed, it can lead to burnout. We will explore how stress impacts wellbeing and teach you how to recognise your stress triggers and how stress manifests for you....

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    Introduction to Emotional Regulation Workshop

    Introduction to Emotional Regulation Workshop

    Goal The goal is to understand how our emotional brain works from a neuroscientific perspective. Who is this for? This Workshops is for anyone interested in improving their emotional wellbeing, and the quality of their personal, social and work life. When can I start?...

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    Study Techniques Workshop

    Study Techniques Workshop

    Goal From the start, develop good study habits and improve your individual approach to studying, and quickly achieve the best results. Who Is This For? Students in primary, secondary and university schools. When Can I Start? You can start whenever you want. If you are...

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    Bilingualism Workshop

    Bilingualism Workshop

    Goal The goal is to understand how does our brain work when we can comunícate in two or more languages, how are the familias with this charachteristiques, advantages and disadvantages, and disorders that could be hidden behind the bilingualism. Who is this for? This...

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    Educational Styles Workshop

    Educational Styles Workshop

    Goal The goal is to know the different types of educational, communication and emotional styles and what are the consequences for kids, of acting under each style. Who is this for? This Workshops is for parents, grandparents, carers, teachers, babysitters,… and anyone...

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