(+34) 696 085 674 – (+31) 620 382 274

About Me

Elsa González Lueje. Psicóloga sanitaria

Collegiate number (Official College of Psychologists of Madrid): M-25759.

Mobile Number:
· (+34) 696 085 674 (Spain)
· (+31) 620 382 274 (Netherlands)

E-mail: psicologia@in-mentis.com

My name is Elsa. I am Spanish and was born in the Canary Islands. I studied psychology because I like to understand the behaviours and emotions of people and help them to be happy.

I currently live in Amsterdam and have also lived in England, Morocco and several cities in Spain. So, I have a deep understanding, from personal experience, of what it is like to be an expat.

I have specialized in disorders that I considered that it was needed to have a deeper training. Also in some methods and therapies that I saw that could help the work, with the people I attend, be more efficient.