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Dr. De la Puerta – Doctor

I am Dr Dolores de la Puerta, initially, I specialized as a Plastic Surgeon, but personal circumstances around the year 2000, made me begin exploring the wonderful world of the intestinal microbiome.

Step by step I developed my clinical practice, dedicating myself in treating patients with intestinal dysbiosis in the consultation and this is what I do and what I spend my time in today.

I haven’t stopped studying and researching since then, evolving the approach to my patients and applying to clinical practice, what I discover every day. It is with them and from them, with whom I have learned the most and it is they who encourage and motivate me to continue doing it.

I am a scientific member of the Spanish Society of Microbiota, Probiotics and Prebiotics, a medical consultant at the Cobas Laboratory and I belong to the medical committee of the Institute of Microecology. I am also part of the medical team of experts in the “International Scientific Advisory Board – IgG-mediated Food Hypersensitivities”.

I am a member of the Madrid Official College of Physicians and I belong to:

– Spanish Society of Anti-aging and Longevity Medicine

– Spanish Society of Health and Integrative Medicine

– Spanish Society of Cosmetic Medicine and Surgery

– Association of Microbiological Therapy

Institute of Microecology

The importance of the intestinal microbiota in modulating and normal functioning of the intestine-brain axis is unquestionable. There are as many neurons in the intestine (enteric nervous system) as in the spinal cord with the capacity to produce neurotransmitters (serotonin, GABA, etc.).


In psychological and psychiatric pathology, in one way or another there is an alteration of the neurotransmitters, which is why and depending on each clinical case, it is interesting to make an integrative approach to these patients, always taking into account their possible dysbiosis.


The Institute of Microecology has been at the forefront of the diagnosis of the intestinal microbiota for more than 20 years, incorporating the most modern genetic studies (PCRrt) and expanding the diagnostic panels, thus providing as much information as possible to professionals and patients.

Flavio Gutiérrez Pérez – Psychiatrist

Born in Madrid on January 1981, I studied for a Bachelor of Medicine between 2000-2006 at the University of Alcalá de Henares. I obtained the position of Internal Resident Physician in the speciality of Psychiatry in 2008. Between 2008 and 2012, I achieved my degree as a specialist in psychiatry at the Vigo University complex, where I did my training in psychiatry.

The years 2011 and 2012 were the most prolific in the scientific aspects, dedicating my effort and that of my colleagues to the study of stigma in mental illness in patients with Schizophrenia. In these years I obtained research proficiency while my master’s thesis in neuroscience focused on stigmatization in mental health. At the end of 2012, I moved my residence to Madrid and started a new work adventure in my hometown that continues to this day.

In 2016 my professional activity took a voice in national media such as El Diario Confidencial, being named one of the best psychiatrists in Spain. Since then, I have been awarded the certificate of excellence as well as I have been continuously valued by patients and professionals, being one of the psychiatrists with the greatest presence in Madrid and Spain.

In 2020 I made a major career change. I start to work exclusively in the online mode. A new form of psychiatric care that is allowing me to serve people who are not only in the Community of Madrid.

My way of working has always focused on closeness. Convert the consultation into a safe and comfortable space for the patient from the first appointment. Give him hope and conviction that he can improve through word of mouth and one-on-one treatment. Make him feel from the first moment that I am 100% part of his treatment and that I am at his disposal.

The idea of good treatment results in an adequate Management of the psychotropic drug combined with adequate psychotherapy. I defend, respect and integrate in my work all the psychology teams without which my work would not be complete.

If something sums up my work, it is the ability to listen, the affection and the professionalism that I put in each patient.

Asunción de la Morena Flores- Family Lawyer

I am Asunción de la Morena, a lawyer from the Madrid Bar Association since 1989 and a Rotal lawyer authorized to bring annulments before the Ecclesiastical Courts and the Rota Courts of Spain.

After a Master’s Postgraduate Specialization in Legal Practice, I began to work in the office of Luis Zarraluqui Sánchez-Eznarriaga. He is one of the great matrimonial lawyers in Spain and founder of the Spanish Association of Family Lawyers. He was my teacher and taught me to move in this exciting world, in which the person in all his dimensions, the feelings and the emotions intermingle with the right.

Since then I have not stopped training in this matter. Since the promulgation of the Divorce Law in 1981, family law has been transforming and adapting to the new society in which men and women are equal in rights and obligations. It is a dynamic area in which the lawyer must be in a continuous recycling process.

Behind each client who comes to my office, there is a family, a group of different people, with their own identity, with their own needs and interests which are different from any family to another. And even more so, in moments of a family crisis in which everyone, absolutely every family group member requires special and detailed analysis.

Every professional matter that I tackle is a challenge for me, in which I have to earn trust so that the client opens up and feels comfortable. Achieving the emotional serenity of my clients in the midst of the storm of emotions that surface in all family conflicts is my main objective.

Always at the service of the person through the laws. My greatest reward: the words of my clients “Asunción, thank you for being there.”