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In many occasions, we know that we have to improve our health, or we have to do it. Maybe the doctors give us a specific diet, or pharmacotherapy, or recommend us to do some sport. However we don’t get to follow their indications, or we do it for some days, and then we abandon the treatment. For these type of cases, we work from the health coaching perspective.

We will start by making an analysis of your motivation to change, and with coaching techniques among others, we will increase the adherence to treatments like diets, medication, sport or just a healthy way of life.


In Life Coach, we work on decision making and the goals you want to achieve in your life and that because of different circumstances, you have a hard time chasing them, or you procrastinate.

We have a look at what is your Life Project, we get out of the Forrest so we can see it from an outsiders point of view, and we choose in which one do you want to walk through, and then, we will focus on the path to follow to get there, and we will walk with you the first steps and in the moments that you need it.


Either if you are going to start in the working world, or if you have already been 20 years in it, you can need a Career Coach.

Many aspects can change along time, and we may not feel like doing the same job, or with the same motivation, or we may want to do something different, or we have just discovered something new that is now our passion. But we may not feel comfortable with the idea of changing everything after so many years studying, training and with all our back experience.

We help you search those passions, and see what is that motivates you, what are your skills, your goals, which aspects of your job are the ones that your ideal job would have,… so we can define how can you forward to feel satisfied and happy in the performance of your job.