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Any kind of change is a stressful situation and a change of country is one of these situations.

On one hand, it means a loss of the country of origin, that could become grief of what we leave behind: family, friends, culture, language, food, way of life, weather,…

On the other hand, we have to adapt ourselves to the host country and asimílate a new culture and language, start meeting new people and make new friends, sometimes even in another language that we don’t know, with different habits than ours that can create conflicts.

Regarding the language, a lot of doubts can emerge, especially about the kids and possible bilingualism. Shall they go to an International school, or to one in which they speak their mother tongue, or to a school where the education is in the language of the host country?

How would that affect each kid, depending on their age, the characteristics of the family, the circumstances, and how has the whole process of country change been carried out.

We help you in all these aspects, even before you move from your actual country, to analyze all these issues and prepare a plan taking into account all the factors involved.