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How We Work

Our methodology

We are highly qualified professionals who work in an interdisciplinary way. We have a global perspective. We work with the personal circumstances the client brings us, challenges and conflicts he wants to overcome. With the necessary tools, techniques and orientations, we promote personal development and growth, wellbeing and happiness. For this, we balance all the areas of the person and achieve a healthy way of life.

We don’t work with insurance companies, because we don’t want to be obliged to put a diagnostic label to people who don’t need it. Our methodology is more flexible and personalized to the evolution of the client. We also want that the decisions are made by the people involved, without the pressure of third parties. We care about people, their wellbeing, and we want to respect the development pace of each person

Techniques and Therapy


Step 1 Step 1 Intake After you contact us, we will make an intake appointment to know how can we help you. This usually takes around one hour. Step 2 STEP 2 – Evaluation Depending on what your consultation is about, we may need a diagnosis. In this case, we have to pass some tests to get to the final diagnostic and this will take several sessions. Step 3 STEP 3 – Treatment Once we have accord a goal and a working plan, we start having therapy sessions, usually, once per week, for about one hour per session. We can adapt the working plan to your specific situation.

Sometimes you might have homework to do during the week, like register some behaviour, or analyse or think about something.
Step 4 STEP 4 – Follow up As the situation gets better, the frequency of our sessions might change, and we can start spacing our meetings. We will see you every fortnight, then every month, every three months,… until we agree that you don’t need us any more.
the four steps

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