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This pandemic has appeared in our lives without being expected. We have been adapting our lives to the new situation as the pandemic has been spreading all around the world. We have been isolated, with a lot of risks, without knowing what was going to happen and for how long it was going to last. It stopped our lives in every way, it changed the way children were taught, adults worked, also the way we did the shopping, or we spoke with our family and friends. We couldn’t hug, kiss nor touch each other. We had to reinvent our leisure and sports activities.

We have lost our love ones, without being able to be next to them, we couldn’t cry them being all the family and friends together, we had to stay home. This makes the grief more difficult and can become more complex and pathological.

All these changes and the rare and uncertain situation has done a lot of psychological harm to everybody in different ways. That is why we have specialized ourselves in Emergency and Crisis, and more specifically in Pandemic and COVID 19.

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