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Intellectual Disability

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The intellectual developmental disorder begins during the developmental period of the child. It covers limitations in two lines:

On one side, in the intellectual functions, where the reasoning, problem solving, planning, abstract thinking, judgment and the academic and form experience learning, is involved. To evaluate this, a series of intelligence tests will have to be carried out.

On the other side, we find limitations in adaptive functioning in the developmental and socio-cultural areas, that are reflected in the daily life, in their personal independence and social responsibility, and for which they need ongoing support.

The intelligence testing, together with the evaluation of the practical life and the clinical judgment, will give us the necessary vision for a proper diagnosis.


It is a diagnostic given to children under 5 years old whose development is under their age, but they are too young to make a formal diagnosis of any disorder.

They will have to have an assessment when the specialist suggests to see how the development of the child is going on and fix a diagnostic.

But the most important issue is that they can adapt the school requirements to his/her needs, and they can start working with the child as soon as possible. This is very important due to brain plasticity in young children.

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