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illustrations of people suffering from various phobias

Specific phobias are common anxiety disorders where the person who suffers from it avoids specific situations and objects that cause fear and anxiety, or they endure them with great anguish, recognizing that their anxiety is excessive and that they have a problem. It is a strong and irrational fear, intense anxiety towards something that represents little or no real danger: travelling by plane, needles, heights, animals, seeing blood, injections, wounds, thunder, lightning and storms, closed spaces, ingesting certain food, the contagion of specific diseases.

The person suffers a disproportionate fear of the real danger posed by the object or the specific situation, they may feel panic, shortness of breath, tremors, tachycardia, strong desire to flee the situation. They usually appear for the first time in childhood or early adulthood and, if not treated, can persist for decades.

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