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The goal is to understand how our emotional brain works from a neuroscientific perspective.

Who is this for?

This Workshops is for anyone interested in improving their emotional wellbeing, and the quality of their personal, social and work life.

When can I start?

You can assist to a face to face or online workshop when it is organized.

Why this Workshop?

You will understand how the brain works, how to manage the emotions in an appropiate way, and become aware of the relation between emotion, cognition and behaviour.

You will get good copying strategies and you will increase your resilience.

What do I need to bring with me?

For the online version, you will need a computer with an Internet connection, and access to Zoom or Cisco Webex.

Workshop Agendas

Here are the topics covered in the Workshop:

            – Multiple inteligence

            – Emotional inteligente

            – Emotional regulation

            – Emotional neurobiology

            – What does each emotion want to tell us